Day 208~366

Phil & I went into Newcastle today as he wanted to buy tickets for Bad Company who are coming to the arena in October. Strange to see it in daylight and without herds of people.


When we were walking out of the station I noticed some chaps up a height, looks like a scary job to me!


I took my little Nikon S1 with me incase the sun came out and I could get some shadows, and whilst we sat and had lunch did some sneaky street shots, love the expressions that turn up,



aw, so cute when the oldies are still holding hands πŸ™‚



Crossword break




this is my shadow shot of the day


but my fave shot of all is this next one- what the well dressed photographer about town should be wearing πŸ˜€ the gloves in particular make changing settings on the camera so easy πŸ˜€ :D. Β His model is the chap on the right wafting his hand about.

Ninja Photographer

Ninja Photographer





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  1. Yeah- that outfit is just cool!
    Great crowd shots.
    Always a pleasure to see what you are up to.

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  2. Not the best outfit for professional photography, that’s for sure.
    At least you managed some shadows!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Excellent street photos. I think the last one is quite a photo, indeed.

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  4. I’m glad your shadow hunting paid off!

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  5. Omg… A ninja warrior how kool to find him, glad ya got out, glad your on the mend. And you already know how I feel about height:) but what a kool shot!! Bravo on your day out Fraggy hi Phil

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  6. Great documentary of a “day in the city”, really catches the spirit of distraction, intimacy, hope, busyness and boredom

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  7. LOVE the street shots…I always find them hard to do…the expressions are just great…the pipe player looksso resentful! πŸ™‚ …also I see Greggs in the background…oh I know its bad for you but I miss it!Used to live on Greggs sausage rolls in Edinburgh πŸ™‚


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