Day 205~366 & The adventures of Skye

With the advent of warmer weather, Skye has taken to going further afield in the neighbourhood.  As she has been an indoor cat for 6 years until we got her, we are now behaving like over-protective parents.  Unlike other cats who seem to keep a low profile and keep away from people when they are on the prowl, Skye has taken to wandering down the communal path that runs along the bottom of our garden, and stops to meow at everyone she comes across and makes friends. She’ll do it 3 or 4 times an evening, and Phil is out there after a while seeing where she’s got to. He’s made a hole in the fence that runs alongside the path as she won’t jump over it, 🙄 although she’s perfectly capable, so she can come through that way, and we’ve asked our neighbour if we can cut one in the fence between our houses as that seems to be the end of her journey, and she stops there and shouts til one of us notices and goes to get her.  We are not worried that anyone will steal her so much, more that dog walkers or nasty boys might give her a kick or a dog will frighten her.  I wanted my tea in peace this evening so kept her in and shut the catflap, but she got cross and started punching it so I had to let her out again. People think we’re mad of course, but she isn’t street-cat-smart yet. I suppose she’ll learn and we’ll get used to it. Fingers now crossed for rain every evening because she doesn’t like to go out then!

Daytime snoozing
Daytime snoozing
New favourite place
New favourite place

and whilst I was out chasing her, the sun was just going down and letting out it’s last burst of gold, and I caught the shadow of my ivy that climbs the doorway and front of the house.


8 thoughts on “Day 205~366 & The adventures of Skye

  1. Lol, welcome to my world you guys:) I should say our world, but of course Dave blames me for spoiling Bella, and now she’s a demanding pain in the butt. And I have to keep my eyes and ears open when she’s out, she wanders,and there’s a cat that likes to fight…. Yup welcome to my nite mare. Hope your feeling better now Fragg?:) always enjoy reading your antics 😂🍷😘

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  2. A cat story, and shadows too. You spoil us, ‘Mr Ambassador’. (Sorry, that’s a little obscure, unless you get it…)
    I don’t think dog-walkers would harm your cat. I don’t know any who would anyway. Spiteful children might well do something though, or a dog off the lead. Our neighbour’s cat -Baldrick- sleeps in the road, and is well-known for it. Locals drive around him, but he has the occasional very near miss with delivery drivers.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Fererro Roche 😊 I don’t mean to malign dog walkers, and they keep their dogs on leads on that path, though a dalmation did try to get at Skye and nearly pulled its owner off her feet in the attempt! I am sure we’re just being over protective and it will wear off as time goes on.


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