day 202,203 & 204~366

Have been feeling a bit under the weather, (daft saying considering), and seem to have picked up a cold from the ether as I haven’t been in contact with anyone, so the last 3 days have been a bit miserable. Β In spite of that I managed to cook a Chinese banquet for Phil’s sister & hubby yesterday, and managed a shadow shot each day, though not very inspiring ones.

day 202
day 202
day 203
day 203
day 204
day 204

hopefully will feel better tomorrow and can get out and about, but for now I just want to curl up and batton down the hatches.


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  1. -N-

    Well, Fraggy, what a bummer in the summer (to continue the weather comments, though whether and wether have not been mentioned) to down with a cold! Get better soon! x

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