Day 201~366

The hottest day of the year, 27° and it was pretty but also horrid. I do not live in a country where these temperatures are the norm for any length of time, so I never acclimatise.  I am acclimatised to 16° and lower, maybe 18/19° on a good day, with intermittent rain. I pine for lovely weather, and when I get it I can’t cope. Couldn’t sleep, felt vaguely rough, but still went out for a photography trip with Sophie. We stuck local incase I felt worse, so visited Washington Old Hall, which has a tenuous link to George Washington, 1st of his line of presidents of the US of A. His ancestors lived in the hall, but moved out about 120 years before he was born on Pope Creeks Estate, Virginia USA.

Anyways, at some point my trip there will be a Fraggle Report, argh I have quite a few saved up now :/

Next to the Hall is trinity Church and we went to take shots of the cemetery as you do, and I found this grave which looked really different from most, and old.

WOH-70 copy

It says…

Easter, doughter (daughter) to John Rogerson Departed this life March Y 5.

I’ve never seen a grave with Y 5 as a date so I did a bit of research on the net and discovered that in medieval times, although ‘Y’ was not technically a roman numeral, people used ‘Y’ to replace the number 150, which means that Easter (fab name!) died and was buried in 1505.  Thats 200 yrs or so before USA was founded! 17yr old Henry VIII becomes King in April of that year! Trinity church has had a site there since the 1100’s so it’s not surprising, but to me it was a great find. I wonder if there is anymore information buried underneath because it looks to me that the land has taken over the bottom half of the tombstone. I wanna dig it up!

Apart from that my shadow shot of the day, on a younger model, 1870, no biggy 🙂

WOH-55 copy

Such history at our fingertips.



14 thoughts on “Day 201~366

    1. Of course you won’t, you’re far too young. 😊 I quite like the thought that someone 500 yrs from now will look at my headstone and wonder about me. I like that you can feel a connection between the past and the future.


  1. Holymoly, that’s some awesome history. Sorry about your weather pangs. And hopefully that’s all it was , and your not getting sick???
    Had to take a break from all the editing I was doing… Time to catch up,with everyone again:) kool grave sites Faggs

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  2. Hi Fraggy! I have to laugh at your 27 C complaints . . . here, that is so cool in the summer, nay, even chilly. 33 C is cool, too, which was today’s temperature, and tomorrow we expect about 38. Now that is getting warm . . . but Phoenix, AZ and TX are warmer.

    That said, if you find the heat is getting to you, make sure to drink water with some salt and sugar mixed in it, and eat a banana. Stay cool. I’ve had heat stroke and it is, to say the least, quite unpleasant.

    You have a gravestone from 1505? That is great – I am so jealous! I just find it hard to believe that those things are still there . . . well, continue the fun adventures and photos, and I will chill out for now! TTFN!

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    1. Haha I know, thankfully back to 24 today with rain expected lol. I am still trying to track down info on the grave, doughter was used as a spelling for daughter in middle english period 1300-1500, so thats 2 points for it anyway.

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  3. 1505 is a good find indeed, FR. I usually play the ‘oldest grave’ game when I visit graveyards. I got some around the early 1600s once, but had to go to Rome to see some really old ones! Still very hot and humid here. Feels like a storm’s-a-comin!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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