Day 200~366

Can’t believe I’ve made it to 200, only another 166 to do 🙂

I went for a short walk this evening, just over the road into the wilderness!  I took some shadow shots of fences





but I like this next one best, The Tunnel of Shades 🙂

day200 copy



  1. That graffiti seems to be getting out of hand, FR. Otherwise, your shadow shits worked very well.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Shadow shits? Lol. They’re not that bad 😄 the graffiti at that part of the walk is always extensive, and not that good!


  2. Blame it on the Shiraz! Shadow shots, obviously. (I almost did it again…)

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    1. I start drinking early, (6:30) as you can tell…Oops.


    2. Haha summer berry rose here cheers! 🍷🍷


  3. Great shOTs! That last photo with the olive (?) trees is just an explosion of texture, forms a nice contrast with the more restful shadow.


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