Day 197~366

And so this interminable dreary weather continues, and is hampering my month of shadows, 😦 not a day for being outside, and I don’t want to spend another evening waiting for darkness at 11pm to mess around with lighting, it is Friday after all. PARTY!!!!  Well, a glass or 2 of wine and the stereo system anyway.

But I noticed, whilst watching Skye, that even without sunshine & lighting, there are shadows to be found. And Earlier today I spent a happy 1/2 hour photographing the birds that visit my Happy Eater tree, through the front window.


a tiny ray of sun caught this chap for a fleeting moment


and Mr.Blackbird


Skye had one of her poorly turns yesterday, every so often she goes out and eats grass, gets tummy ache, sits hunched up and tense for ages, tries to be sick but just chucks up spit & grass a few times.  Today for most of the day she has slept, but looked comfy, and this evening is stuffing her face with posh food and is back to being her annoying self. 🙂 Relief! Still can’t forget Storm and all that went down with her.

Skye & Shadows



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