Day 196~366 (and puffins :) )

Have been processing my photo’s from the Farne Islands today so am going to post just a couple, well 4 really 🙂

Firstly a baby Arctic turn shouting for lunch


next up 3 puffins on a wall.


I am not sure why lots of the puffins were just sitting around or walking about with a gob full of fish, not eating them, just keeping them.

At last a half decent flying puffin shot! (I only deleted about 100!)


and finally, ta dah… my first ever dolphin sighting.


I’m afraid my telephoto lens is a cheap and nasty knock-off-nigel, but I can’t afford a proper one, so the overall quality isn’t all that great, sigh, but it’s enough for me to remember what I saw through my eye lens 🙂 Plus with the dolphins I was in the inside of the boat and couldn’t get to the outside bit and had to shoot through the glass window!

Today the sun shone for a little while late this afternoon, so I found some more shadows.


14 thoughts on “Day 196~366 (and puffins :) )

  1. I like your shadows, but I like the puffins a lot more – especially the ones filled with fish and just hanging . . . the one in the middle, OOF, is what really makes the pic – where’s MINE??????

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  2. OhMyFreakinGaud… I love these Fraggy. I’m not sure if it’s because we don’t have them or not, but they are the koolest little creatures .and the one flying..omg.. So kool!!!
    I can’t wait to see more.

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