Day 188~366

We had blue skies and sunshine for a while this morning, only lasted a couple of hours but it was enough for me to get to the coast and hunt for some sea~glass and take some pictures. At last!



The colour of the sky was reflected in the sea, it was a gorgeous blue today, I haven’t  tweaked that in photoshop!

This is the Harbour, at Littlehaven Beach, I come here a few times, but this is the first time I’ve seen the tide so far out, and it left behind some treasures!

giant guitar??
giant guitar??
dragons bones
dragons bones
crab, not alive :/
crab, not alive :/
heart of stone
heart of stone

These are all the treasures I brought home,


and this is my shadow shot, one of the Weebles behind the dunes.




7 thoughts on “Day 188~366

  1. We had a sunny day here too, so nice to see you got it further up.
    I haven’t been back to South Shields since the early 1970s, and that was during March, so it was raining. Nice to see it on a sunny day for once.
    Good shots, and a shadow too.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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