Day 186~366

8 minutes to go until Day 187, so just making this post. There has been no sunshine at all today, it’s just been grey clouds and that’s all.   I knew I had to do a ‘creative lighting’ shot again but felt so uninspired to do the same thing twice.  I made a desultory attempt at lightning some objects, but I had a pile of ironing to do too, so I watched a daft movie instead of lighting objects, something with Jason Statham & Melissa McCarthy. It was a comedy Spy thriller, bubblegum entertainment but not a movie I’d recommend, unless you have 2 hrs ironing to get through. Which I did. And it helped.  And now the house is dark, and I’ve been looking at the shadows our ceiling lights make.




  1. Interesting shot that came out of your not feeling inspired! Reminds me of something from Star Trek, a death star approaching or better yet, departing.

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    1. Haha cheers FD 😊


  2. And yet you make do.

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  3. Worked very well, and nailed your theme too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Cheers Pete, still waiting for sunshine!


  4. Oh! It’s beautiful! Well done.


  5. Lovely shots and interesting project too 🙂

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  6. I love Statham’s movies. Said that, great to see you could submit the post before the end of the day. : O

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  7. It ended up with being a great photo!

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