Day 185~366

I went down to the coast today to do a shot for t he sunday challenge group, with the theme of ‘ephemeral’ and was also hoping for some sunshine for a shadow shot.  Fat chance. Cloudy all day 😦 I got my shots for the group, and added a sunny feel to them in Photoshop 🙂



so this evening a lot of farting about with ‘creative lighting’. Tried to get the cat to co-operate but she was a PIA and I gave up in favour of Sideshow Bob, who was less recalcitrant.



  1. Ha. Genius.

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    1. 😀 cheers Jay


  2. Both themes nailed, FR. Good work!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Cheers Pete 😊


  3. Very creative image of one of the wisest people of our times. If only he would run for US president! Seriously, I think the way the light and shadow fall on the figurine perfectly describes what Sideshow Bob is all about. Great art!

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    1. Thanks FD 🙂 he is a great character to try and portray.


  4. Love the ❤ : )

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    1. ❤ me too, cheers Francis 🙂

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