Day 170~366

Going to have to do 2 posts this evening as I didn’t get chance to sort all the photo’s out last night.  Yesterday we got a break from the rain (for 1 day!) and so Phil and I went down to South Shields beach so I could do a photo. I had a certain one in mind but when I got there we saw these beautiful horses being given some play time in the sea, and I just took pictures of them and the beach!  Keeping in mind reflections but I did get carried away with the horses.  Here they are 🙂













That was my shot of the day, the brown horse is called Com (short for Commando, and the darker one is called Lion.  They are such noble creatures.

A few more from around the beach




and  my lovely hubby, who carried my bag for me 🙂



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  1. Lovely big horses. Nice to see them getting a break away from work.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. What an awesome shot Fraggy

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  3. This is altogether a cool series.

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  4. I have not seen that kind of horses in my country. Fantastic and so wild… thank you. : )

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