Day 147~366

It get’s a bit intense just focussing on the tree everyday, I’ve found that doing the 366 is so all-absorbing that I don’t take many photo’s of anything else, except iPhone shots of the cat being cute. It’s rained a mighty amount over the past 2 1/2 days and nights, but today it stopped in the afternoon so I went to the tree without the brolly, and found the world after the rain looked really pretty.  I sometimes rage against the weather for keeping me in and stopping me going out to play with my camera, and I miss going off to visit new places to inspire my photography, but the Tree has taught me that you don’t need to travel far to have a good shooting fix. It’s just a 5 minute walk to get to the tree from my house, and all these photo’s were taken on the way home.  May has been a great month, as every day different things bloom, buds open, swamps dry up, then fill up, sunshine,clouds, rain, or a combination of all three, everyday has something new to see or find.  My neighbours all have gorgeous plants growing over their fences too which is jolly decent of them, and they are part of my walk to the tree.  Today with the 60mm macro lens attached to my fuji-XT1 I looked under and over and through, got down low and went from above, and had a fine old time lost in the process of seeing through a lens. My advice to anyone in a mojo slump, to walk out of the door with your camera, a couple of lenses, walk for 5 minutes, then put your camera to your eye and take an hour to get home 🙂 it’s such an adventure!

And so, on to the tree. Today I found a cute little bug on the lower branch, he’ll do for today I thought, he was so tiny, about 8mm total length, not great shots but I did the best I could with the 60mm.



This next is my favourite as you can see a little white pipe thing/collection bag (I dunno) on t he side of him.


And here’s what else I saw..




















Oh! nearly forgot..






16 thoughts on “Day 147~366

  1. I bet that bug has never modeled in a photo series before. You did him a favour. Now he has a portfolio! I’m partial to the buds myself. I like when a photo makes me appreciate something beautiful from a new angle – it’s like it gives me an excuse to re-discover it.

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  2. Oh Fraggy you are an inspiration. And as u put it so splendidly .. It’s true I do have some sort of mojo block goin on . It’s getting better, and I’ve done your practice . There is always something new and sometimes exciting to see.:) hopefully when I do come back I’ll surprize you…
    Beautiful beautiful shots my friend. And yes u are a great inspiration

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  3. Absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful photos. That light green background in the first few is such a stunning backdrop for that amazing detail. You are very talented, I hope you can get some sort of reward for it!

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      1. Maybe you want to consider puting your photos on some photo site like Cannot do harm except if you feel quite private about it. I find it is also a slippery slope, as soon as I even think about giving away my paintings I slide into the wrong motive so subtly, I never even notice until I realize I am not enjoying it anymore. 😊

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        1. yes my thoughts exactly 🙂 I do it for love, not money. I once was asked to sell one of my bird shots and I sent her to my smug mug site where you can buy prints, though I don’t get any money from it. She got a mug! I was well chuffed!


  4. That is one of the challenges with a 365 project. It forces you to go out of the way to come up with new approaches and new ways of shooting so as not to repeat oneself. I think you do very well. Certainly these close-up photos of bugs and flowers (and a cat) are gorgeous.

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