Day 146~366

I did these in B&W, because today has been grey, and windy and rainy, and it was  horrible going out to shoot the tree. Took my umbrella to protect my camera and lenses whilst I was changing them. Didn’t take the tripod as carrying camera bag, umbrella and that would have been too much, especially as the wind was trying to steal my brolly, so had to use a high ISO.


I think you can make out the silvery water streams running down the bark.



and finally I chose this next one as my shot of the day because I can see a treeman with rain dripping off his nose, blowing raspberries at the weather.




  1. Creamy bokeh and lovely black and white. Thank you. : )

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    1. Cheers Francis 😊☔️

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  2. Nice shots, FR. Great bokeh too!
    We had the same here. Rain, cold, dull. Felt like February.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. It seems that’s a thing at the moment, with no end in sight. 😕


  3. Even in black and white it looks buttery.

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    1. Haha I have no idea what buttery means in this context but I’ll take it! Cheers Jay 😊


  4. This is stunning, love black and white photography.

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    1. Thanks V-man 🙂

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