Day 144~366

Well I struggled with this one, took lots of shots and different exposures and tried to use the HDR programme, but nothing looked right. So have used a RAW shot and faffed the heck out of it in lightroom & NikFX processing software. I was wanting to show the carpet of buttercups now surrounding my tree with the orangey/pinky glow of the sky, but it didn’t work out. I was being attacked by midges too which didn’t help matters. Never mind, I will try again at some point, maybe in different light!

Not my best, but, always learning something!



12 thoughts on “Day 144~366

  1. ‘Faffing the heck’ seems to have worked. The buttercups stand out well, and the differential focus is effective too.
    As for midges, you have read my post on repellent…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Overall, I think this worked. Have you tried bracketing with 5 shots and then merging into an HDR using Photomatix? It has the best ghosting software in any HDR program I’ve used. Another thought is to do 2 5-set HDR shots, with the foreground focused and then the second with the background tree focused. Personally, I like the sharp foreground and softer background . . . Love that oak!


    1. Cheers Naomi, yes I bracketed 5 & 5 but it just didn’t look right HDR’d. I find photomatix a lot noisier than Aurora with less scope for adjustments and it always looks too HDR for my tastes, Nik HDR is not too bad, but I do like Aurora for it’s ‘natural’ settings!


      1. I use Photomatix, and try not to let things get weird looking. As I am not a Mac user, Aurora is something I have to wait for – they are working on the Windows version, but its not yet out. Nik HDR is not bad, either, I agree. Anyway, nice work, Fraggy!

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  3. OH I couldn’t bear to read the words because NO, this image is just lovely as all get out.
    Plus, I read that you were being attacked by midgets.
    I really had quite a scenario in my head until I re-read.

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