Day 144~366

Well I struggled with this one, took lots of shots and different exposures and tried to use the HDR programme, but nothing looked right. So have used a RAW shot and faffed the heck out of it in lightroom & NikFX processing software. I was wanting to show the carpet of buttercups now surrounding my tree with the orangey/pinky glow of the sky, but it didn’t work out. I was being attacked by midges too which didn’t help matters. Never mind, I will try again at some point, maybe in different light!

Not my best, but, always learning something!



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  1. -N-

    Overall, I think this worked. Have you tried bracketing with 5 shots and then merging into an HDR using Photomatix? It has the best ghosting software in any HDR program I’ve used. Another thought is to do 2 5-set HDR shots, with the foreground focused and then the second with the background tree focused. Personally, I like the sharp foreground and softer background . . . Love that oak!


  2. OH I couldn’t bear to read the words because NO, this image is just lovely as all get out.
    Plus, I read that you were being attacked by midgets.
    I really had quite a scenario in my head until I re-read.

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