Day 130~366

Late home from work again tonight and homework to do too. Sunset time was at 9pm so I got out there for 8.45pm and found a moon in the sky, the tree was trying to catch it as it went sailing by.



  1. Full marks for dedication to your tree, FR. It paid dividends tonight, with that lovely lilac sky.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thanks Pete, not very dramatic but I did like the graduating colours. 😊


  2. I hope he can catch her. ^-^

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  3. Beautiful image, that moon looks so fragile – takes a sensitive person to notice which makes the photo even more special..

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  4. Lovely and subtle.

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    1. Thank Naomi 😊


  5. Very beautiful. You are so dedicated to get out there.

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    1. Thanks Jay, fingers xt I can find enough different shots!


  6. cool silhouette, fraggle

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  7. I am loving this series Fraggy.

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    1. thanks Mary, I really look forward to seeing the tree each day, there is always a surprise!


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