Day 128~366

The buds I took shots of on Tuesday are already bursting into action with leaves and wiggly dangly things happening. After googling I found that the tree is an Oak Tree (yay!) and will develop acorns, though not sure how long that process takes, hopefully within the month!

You will note that the sky is not blue, the weather totty on the TV lied her ass off!




I also came across a patch of variegated grass in the middle of the marsh, maybe a discarded plant someone chucked there that’s taken root.


Also poor Phil has had some painful dentistry done, so I made a lovely cottage pie for dinner πŸ™‚

cottage pie


6 thoughts on “Day 128~366

  1. The tree, some grass, and a pie! You spoil us, Madame Ambassador. (Apologies to Ferrero Rocher)
    We have two large oaks, front and back. They are a joy to look at, but a pain to manage. If it is a heavy acorn season, they are tiresome to clear up. Once they shed their leaves, it takes forever to sweep those too. I still have leaves around from the last big fall.
    Very good shots by the way. The pie looks tasty!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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