Day 123~366

More rain this morning left getting to the tree even more swampy than yesterday, but the sun came out this afternoon so it was nice to get an upwards view of the tree against a blue sky.  Found out my walking shoes are not as watertight as I thought 🙄!



  1. Great tree shot, FR. Love it! We have rain here too, since 3 pm.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Just starting again here, it never ends 😕


      1. They say that it is ‘Global Warming.’ I don’t subscribe to that theory at all. I just think of it as ‘UK Raining’, instead.
        Cheers, Pete. (Now much heavier here. I have had to seek solace in a bottle of Shiraz…)

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        1. Haha I am 1/2 way through my White Zinfandel 😀🍷


  2. Love the branches and gorgeous sky

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    1. Thanks Westy 💕

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  3. Lol..I feel your pain.. More than know 🙂 Fraggy

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  4. Aw fingers crossed for some better weather!


  5. Great shot, beautiful abstract shapes, rough bark. Life pushes to the light without ever losing hope.

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    1. Yes it does, thanks 😊


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