Day 121~366

Faffing about today.  This is a shot of sequins on a table, through a water droplet on a glass sheet suspended 6″ above the sequins.  Took ages to focus on the water drop. Happy shiny Saturday wordy peeps.



  1. Thanks for going to so much trouble for our viewing pleasure, FR. It worked very well!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Haha you’re very welcome! 😄😄


  2. Where do you get such interesting thoughts on making a photo!?! This is wonderful!

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    1. Digital photography magazine. Chap did similar with buttons, but had a different lens and so lots of drops. It said you could do just one drop with a macro lens. So I did. But with sequins not buttons. 🙂

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      1. Very cool!

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  3. Beautiful universe of colours fragglerocking, thank you. Would it have been easier to focus with a DSLR?

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    1. No, but maybe if I had new eyes.

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  4. Great photo. Also, I’m definitely going to start saying “faffing about” if you don’t mind me stealing it.

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    1. haha it’s a great word isn’t it, you can use it and also it’s derivatives, such as ‘that’s a right faff (to do/make)’, and ‘I’m just faffing on with the dinner/my hair/the cat etc’. 😀


  5. Spectacular!

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