Day 117~366

So I got through my long 12 hour day, got home, had dinner, did work updates/emails and then it’s 9.30pm and the last thing I feel like doing is my photo. But you have to push through and get one done at times like this, so I shot some coloured craft beads you string to make bracelets, (it’s a kid thing). Anyway close up they look a bit manky, and if I hd the time I’d scrub them up and start again, but my body is telling me STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND VEG RIGHT NOW!!



  1. The colours work for me, and the bright white background is spot-on
    I did 12-hour shifts for six years before I retired. Add the travelling, and occasionally having to get off late, and it was usually 5 X 14 hours. The there were 3 or 4 days off, the first one spent asleep in bed after a night.
    I feel the pain, FR, but I understand that it doesn’t really help, either.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. It’s tough to keep up with a 365 project when days are full and not enough time. All the more kudos to you for keeping up the good work. And this isn’t just a quick snap to get done with the job, but a fun and colourful composition. I like the shade and brightness of letting light pass through the beads. 🙂

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