Day 106~366

Guess what! Another rainy day, cos we haven’t had enough of those 🙄.   Have spent my day doing housework, and then processed all my shots from the WW1 vehicle and Steam Fair at Beamish, will post those soon 🙂  And my shot for the day is my little bottle of treasure, washed up in a shell on a beach. (Not really, it lives in my bathroom 🙂 )





  1. Impressive as always Fraggy

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    1. Cheers Mrs.O 😊

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  2. Poured all day here too, but I’m sorry to say that I didn’t manage anything as impressive as your close-up.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Cheers Pete, maybe better n Sunday 🙂


      1. I have relatives here tonight for the weekend, so hoping for a sunnier day on Saturday at least.

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  3. Fabulous macro. Love the colourful sparkly bits!

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    1. Thanks Mary 🙂


  4. Made me remember the stories when kid illustrated with photos made with little parts. Thank you. : )

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