Day 101~366

Today I’ve been to Beamish Museum with Sophie again for a WW1 vehicle & Steam fair.  Lots of pictures taken and there will be a Fraggle report (eventually when I’ve sorted them all) but for now, a macro shot of a cockerel figurine attached to the bonnet of one of the old cars.  (Hood ornament in U.S, Bonnet Mascot in U.K.) 🙂

Day 101w


  1. And what car would have such an ornament?

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    1. There will be a post on it and some others 🙂 later in the week, it is a beauty.

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  2. I loved the bonnet ornaments on cars as a child. There was such a variety, and many were illuminated at night too. Another casualty of health and safety laws!
    Beamish always looks good. I see it used on TV dramas sometimes (especially the Catherine Cookson’s) and always think that I must venture up there one of these days.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. It’s so big you’d need to make a weekend of it and do 2 days, so much to see! We should do a house swap lol, it’s so long since I was in Norfolk.


      1. That’s a though, FR. But I have a dog, and you have a cat…

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        1. Haha yes point taken!


      2. Missed the ‘T’ off of ‘thought’.

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