Day 100~366

There was a dandelion in my garden I thought to do for today, but something came and ate it in the night! Still, my little patch of daisies is beginning to do it’s thing, so I did them instead. It’s been rainy sunny rainy sunny all day, so caught them in a dry spell. Β I like the blurry one best, so am choosing that as the shot for today.




15 thoughts on “Day 100~366

  1. As my eyes are already blurry enough, I confess that I prefer the sharper shots. You did well to get a break in the weather today, FR. It has been raining solidly all day here. (Just stopped)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. mmm, I think after my explanation about Melissa I feel you more… away from me. If that is what you feel then it’s well, we have to be honest with our feelings.
        I saw you replied the other comments, and I remember your thoughts from days ago about commenting and following blogs… Fragglerocking, if things are made by routine (like, commenting) and even worse with a notorious uncomfort, then there is not reason in them, like try to animate a dead body… Perhaps I am wrong but that’s what I feel.

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        1. Oh no Francis, not so, you and I have been bloggy friends just about since I started on here, and long may it continue! I love your photography and way of seeing the world, so I am not going anywhere! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Mary, I’m using the Fuji 60, which has really bad reviews on the whole. It isn’t the easiest of macro lenses, my Nikon 105 was awesome, and I have a fight on my hands with the Fuji 60, but it’s worth it I think. 😊


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