Day 98~366

Today I thought to macro some of the chess pieces from the set I shot for March’s ‘squares’ month, couldn’t do just one though 🙂 All the chess pieces have different faces and names, the latter being engraved on the bottom of each piece’s plinth. These are my favourite pawns.

day98 Lorelei the Nixiew

Lorelei the Nixie


day98-2wTramber the Buccas

Tramber the Buccas


day98Alderich the Dwarfw

Alderich the Dwarf


Dram the Leprechaun

Dram the Leprechaun


Grayon the Goblin

Grayon the Goblin


Krollen the Troll

Krollen the Troll


Varweb the Kobold

Varweb the Kobold

and my favourite and so pic of the day

Verthood the Pixie

Verthood the Pixie

Not sure what a Buccas, Nixie or Kobold is but hey ho, they all look cute to me. Each piece is between 2&3 inches tall.


12 thoughts on “Day 98~366

  1. I once bought years of a part-work, and the binders to keep the magazines in. I dread to think what the total cost was. When I moved somewhere, I found them all neatly stacked in the loft, unseen for years. Luckily I was able to pass the whole thing on to someone else who was interested.
    The contrast with the jewels works well, and the details on the different pieces are well-rendered indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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