Day 121~366

Faffing about today.  This is a shot of sequins on a table, through a water droplet on a glass sheet suspended 6″ above the sequins.  Took ages to focus on the water drop. Happy shiny Saturday wordy peeps.


Day 119~366

Tonight Phil & I are going to our new fave Italian restaurant for our wedding anniversary dinner, though it was last week so we’re a bit late celebrating. Will need some girly warpaint 🙂


Day 118~366

I’ve been struggling with this shot for 1 & 1/2 hours, still can’t get it right. Will be going back to it to get it how it looks in my head at some point, but it’s late (again!) now, so time to stop.


Day 117~366

So I got through my long 12 hour day, got home, had dinner, did work updates/emails and then it’s 9.30pm and the last thing I feel like doing is my photo. But you have to push through and get one done at times like this, so I shot some coloured craft beads you string to make bracelets, (it’s a kid thing). Anyway close up they look a bit manky, and if I hd the time I’d scrub them up and start again, but my body is telling me STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND VEG RIGHT NOW!!


Day 116~366

Sun turns blue and gold

but winter air still lingers,

strange times we live in.

A Wardley Haiku 😀

Today it has snowed, and hailed, and been sunny, and very very windy and cold.  In my conservatory the sun illuminated my glass art work, while it hailed outside on the front garden. Strange times.



Day 115~366

Busy day today, had a visit from Cal & Liddy 🙂



and had to go to the supermarket where I bought some measuring spoons.



and my shot for today


now got to get sorted ready for work tomorrow~ this weeks is not looking good, lots and lots of long journeys, which I’m heartily fed up of. Never mind, got to suck it up. For now. 🙂


Day 113~366

A bit late tonight, but I had to wait til it got dark to do my shot. Straws are so cliche, but I wanted to do my own shot of illuminated ones.


Day 112~366

Oh another sunny day! I did go to work this morning, but had the afternoon to play macro in the back garden. I have a plant that in spring produces  little white flowers, then the new leaves are bright red and turn green by summer, so wanted to capture that. Wish I could remember what it’s called, tried google but not found it yet. It was in my mum’s garden and I’ve had it ever since she died. It’s moved house twice and still going strong, though I think needs a serious re-pot!   I also have my growing patch of daisies, and a couple of dandelions.  I also applied some texture to a couple of the shots courtesy of Shadowhouse Creations, Jerry is an amazing guy who makes beautiful textures and gives them away for free. He also does actions & brushes for PS at really small prices, though I have not used them so can’t say much about that. AM sure they’ll be as good as his textures.

Anyway on with the photo’s 🙂








I like this next one for the shot of the day,




Day 111~366

Last time i macro’d my blossom tree it was a rainy day, and I cut a bit off and shot it in my conservatory and processed it to look like a sunny day.  This week, we’ve had not 1, but (count ’em) 2 sunny days!!!!! 🌞☀️Though it was not hot, mildly warm at best, but still, SUNSHINE!!!! And this evening as the sun went down, the beautiful golden light washed over my blossom tree, so I got my tripod into the garden, and took some pictures. And there is nothing to beat the real thing! 🙂


Day 110~366

It’s isn’t until you see  your photos on the screen that you see all the dust & cat hairs on things!  If I wasn’t so knackered tonight I’d redo this but wash it first, but it’s been the longest day and I need to flop!