Day 75~366

A few years ago one of my hobbies was mosaics.  This was one of my early attempts, it’s a bit rustic and bonkers colours, in fact a bit rubbishy really, but I was chuffed with it at the time and gave it to Shelley to hang on her bathroom wall. Since she got her own home I’ve commandeered the bathroom so I can fit all of my girl stuff in it and not have to share it with bloke stuff 😀 and the mirror is still there.  It’s grown on me but I can’t say I blame her for leaving it behind! 😀 😀

Every mosaic piece is either square or cut from a square glass tesserae, which is hard work and I wasn’t very good at getting the shapes I wanted!



  1. Ahh yes , all the goodness of homemade 😉

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  2. That’s a great mirror, FR, and mosaics are always fascinating to me, especially Greek and Roman ones. Well done for keeping the theme so well.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Cheers Pete, hope I don’t run out of ideas before the end!


  3. I have always been very impressed by mosaics. It must require such patience to build a picture from tiny bits and pieces. Fun to also see the photographer and the artist behind the mosaic in the same photo as the art.

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    1. Cheers Otto 😊

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  4. I looks like a big lot of work! I admire mosaics from the Roman Empire. They can be so complicated. Love yours. : )

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    1. Thanks Francis 🙂 I love roman & greek ones too.

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  5. I like the reflection!

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    1. cheers Jay 🙂


  6. I love the mosaic…nice job.

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    1. Cheers Clare 😊

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