Day 74~366

Over to Cumbria again today, and with lovely sunshine and blue skies, I took my shot of the day on the way home


and also on the way home stopped to see the mountains, (which I like better than the shot of the day, but mountains are not square 🙂 )


couldn’t resist a little B&W



That’s all folks 🙂

8 thoughts on “Day 74~366

  1. Living in Norfolk, I appreciate a mountain (even a hill) more than most. And they are at their best on a day like today. Nice one, FR, and you got something square into the bargain. (I’m off to Cumbria for a week in October, and will hopefully be walking up some hills.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Ooh it’ll be chilly in October but fingers xt for blue skies and walking will keep you warm. Enjoyed your piece on 2001 & Blade Runner, the latter being my all time fave SyFy movie. 😊


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