Day 73~366

I has a little helper to do my shot with today, as Shelley came for a visit with Cal & Liddy. It was lovely and sunny so we sat in my studio (which is really our conservatory) and I took some shots of Liddy as well as inveigling Cal into doing my shot with me.


That’s the daily shot and bless him Cal doesn’t even like chewy sweets so no reward, but we played lego instead.

I took some shots of Liddy too so am including a couple of my favourites.





That’s all folks

😉 ❤


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  1. Ah, Blackjacks. Four for an old penny in my day, or one for a farthing, if that was all you had. And they made your tongue black, at no extra charge!
    Love that baby’s hair too. That’s a style! (Or was a balloon rubbed on their head?)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. That is quite a face. Wonderfully captured, Just have to adore Liddy in these shots.

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  3. They are both so adorable. I so love Liddy’s hair with all that sweet static happening!

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