Day 67~366

This didn’t turn out how I wanted, but have run out of time, may try again at some point.

I bought this chess set piecemeal, you got the board first, can’t remember how much, about £80 I think and a long time ago, then you got a chess piece each month at £5 each. It was exciting getting the latest piece. It reminds me of Lord of The Rings, the pieces all have names on the bottom, and runes carved around their bases, the pawns are are goblins and elves the bishops are wizards, the rooks are unicorns and they all have a crystal, will have to do photo’s of them individually also at some point.

The cat is better, and just as annoying as she was before being poorly. A sigh if relief. 🙂

The Giuoco Piano opening, with the Evans Gambit. 😀

more lovely chess sets here


19 thoughts on “Day 67~366

    1. You’d probably be better off getting to know some chess bloggy people, I am in the process of doing a photographic 366 so my posts are sequential until Jan 1st 2017. Mine is mainly a photography site and I am not sure any of my followers have an interest in chess (I am only interested in the photogenic aspects of it myself!). But at least if anyone chessy gets to this post by searching for ‘chess’ you have your website in the comments and I’ve edited the main text to point to your site 🙂


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