Day 66~366

Only 300 days to go! 😀

Square cakes today, and a nice cuppa tea to go with. I only like the pink ones, so Phil will have to eat the rest.


Cal stayed over  last night and we had fun. But Skye has been poorly, not eating and chucking up, we are hoping it’s just a glitch, a fur ball or something, she’s a little better today, but if no better tomorrow it’s off to the vet. 😦

Waiting to see the birds.



17 thoughts on “Day 66~366

  1. I am such a coffee drinker that tea is seldom on my menu. But the idea of a time to sit down with a cup (of whatever), a treat, and time to relax is always a welcome idea. Not too long ago I read that in Sweden, coffee breaks with cake are mandatory at some offices. I cannot imagine anyone in America suggesting that someone actually relaxes at work!

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  2. I am loving the idea of mandatory tea and cake breaks at work! Might have to introduce that in Melbourne! Also, I love small individual square cakes, no idea why, but now I’m really craving one!

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