Day 60~366

Fed-up from Gateshead.


We are both fed~up. Phil’s on nights so she’s miffed, and I didn’t get home from work til 9pm, had a snack and then worked til 10pm. I absolutely hate days that are so full of work there is no LIFE! 3 hr drive home from my last client in the dark and wind and rain, goddamned roadworks everyflickingwhere and didn’t even get chance today to stop and take a nice shot of the mountains. So a last minute shot of my fed~up cat at the top of the stairs. An ignominious end to my B&W month.

Onwards ever onwards, chin up cos tomorrow is nearly as bad. Sigh.

11 thoughts on “Day 60~366

  1. I worked shifts, from 1979-2012. I remember dark days in winter months; feeling tired all the time, dull mornings followed by duller evenings.
    I can honestly say that I know exactly how you both feel. But February is over, and there is the promise of brighter days in March. Even though it is pouring with rain in Norfolk as I type this, I am sure that your cat will be smiling again very soon.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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