Day 60~366

Fed-up from Gateshead.


We are both fed~up. Phil’s on nights so she’s miffed, and I didn’t get home from work til 9pm, had a snack and then worked til 10pm. I absolutely hate days that are so full of work there is no LIFE! 3 hr drive home from my last client in the dark and wind and rain, goddamned roadworks everyflickingwhere and didn’t even get chance today to stop and take a nice shot of the mountains. So a last minute shot of my fed~up cat at the top of the stairs. An ignominious end to my B&W month.

Onwards ever onwards, chin up cos tomorrow is nearly as bad. Sigh.


  1. Still a beautiful portrait of your fed-up cat. Goodness your day really sucked you poor girl 😐

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    1. Cheers Mary it really did!


  2. Aww poor feline , she does look rather miffed. And I feel for you , I remember all to well days like that 😦
    Take it easy Fraggy , be careful on those roads

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    1. Thanks Kathy will do ❤️

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  3. I worked shifts, from 1979-2012. I remember dark days in winter months; feeling tired all the time, dull mornings followed by duller evenings.
    I can honestly say that I know exactly how you both feel. But February is over, and there is the promise of brighter days in March. Even though it is pouring with rain in Norfolk as I type this, I am sure that your cat will be smiling again very soon.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Cheers Pete, yes brighter days will be most welcome. 🙂


  4. She does look a bit miffed! (though nothing in comparison to the faces one of my torti’s can make!) I would still snuggle her, grumpy face and all.

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    1. she doesn’t like cuddles can you believe, though she will sit on top of your head when you are asleep and snuggle up on your knee.!


  5. The cat perhaps hides a smile : )
    I hope this monh has better days for you. Thanks, fragglerocking.

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    1. me too Francis, me too 🙂

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