Day 59~366

Phil and I went for a little stroll down on the coast by Souter lighthouse, sun was shining but low in the sky as it was late afternoon, and I got a few shots.




The two little shadows on the rock coming  up are us 🙂


This one is my shot for today


someone left flowers on a picnic table near the car park.


Tomorrow is my last day of B&W, and I’m over in Cumbria for work, so hopeful to get some shots of mountains!

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  1. Certainly a lovely place for a walk. Great series of shots, too; some very classical. The flowers are my faves. You’ve done a wonderful job with your monthly efforts. What is March’s theme?

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  2. What s wonderful place for a walk Fraggy

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  3. What a lovely walk…it was a lovely day here too…funny how sunshine can be accentuated in black and white…love the shadow of you two on the rock 🙂

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  4. Your shadows in the rock. That’s a really amazing photograph. ^-^

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  5. I have a fondness for my shadow being in a photo, with the setting sun behind. It gives a sense of placing yourself in the scene, without actually being in the photo.
    Nice shots, FR. Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. The photos of the giant rocks are very striking.

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  7. Awesome photos in which you have use the low light and the rich tones really nice. My favourite is the one of the lighthouse with the couple walking just to the right of it.

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