Day 56~366

Cloudy cold day today, but wanted to get out with my camera, and decided to go and take some shots of The Angel of The north, the statue by Anthony Gormley. I think my Brits will know of it’s history, but my friends from other lands not, so am including a bit of info first. These are from the info board at the entrance to the Angel.


The sky was wonderfully moody, and I took some traditional Angel shots.




and a few detail shots..




When I went down the hill to get the wide shot I noticed to my left that people have been using the bushes to make memorials to their deceased loved ones, it was so poignant, and made me sad.









so this is my shot of the day.





26 thoughts on “Day 56~366

  1. That angel is MASSIVE! I’ve never seen anything like it.
    The makeshift memorials are poignant.

    On another note- I’ve been wondering for weeks why you’ve been saying 366. I kept thinking, but a year has 365 days. Then today, it hit me…. DUHHHHHHH! Leap it baby. Leap it. DUHHHH!

    Keep ’em coming! I LOVE your photography!

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  2. I remember being very impressed by this, driving past when it had just been erected. If I recall, a lot of people didn’t like it back then, but it has now become iconic. The colour change isn’t noticed in your B+W shots, but it is interesting to see it weather over the years.
    I like the close-ups. Most don’t bother with those.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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