Day 54~366

I was working in Sunderland today, managed a couple of pictures. Firstly I stopped for lunch in a carpark and saw a Mum and her teenager on top of a car,


Later in the afternoon I had to park up on the sea front at Seaham, while I waited for a client to get home from her bowling match, it was a bit wild and windy, so just took a couple of shots.

The beach


and the safety belt,


Think I like that one most, so that is for the daily shot!


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  1. Love the mother and son birds.

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  2. The birds are a quite amazing portrait.

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  3. I like the birds to, and how you framed them. Great selections for black and white.

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  4. Great shots. Loving your b&w treatment – nice tones, texture and contrast.

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  5. Looks like a blustery sorta day, hope Phil had some soup waiting for you ?;)

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  6. ohh I love these photos!!! I would so buy a print of the one with the seagulls!!! Do you ever sell any prints of your work?

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