Day 50~366. A rant!

So I went for my walk this morning, into the woodlands over the road from my house. As we’d had 2 sunny days I wasn’t expecting


I had my walking boots on so ploughed on over the swamp, and increasingly had to dodge dog poo, what is wrong with these dog people?? Not only do some of them not poopascoop their mess, the ones that do bag it up then tie the bags up and fling them up into the tree branches or bushes, or just on the ground. I really like doggies, but the owners who walk in this parkland, where kids play for godssakes, ought to have their noses rubbed in the dogshit lying around.  I am not often ‘disgusted’ but today I am.

SO anyway on to my walk and firstly came to the ever changing graffiti wall that sections off the metro track.



Forgive me for not being young and hip, and I do get that Linzi waz there, but what the other words are is beyond me.I make the first one out to be SKUG and the 2nd OZAY. According to the urban dictionary, Skug is Any ugly, nasty, skanky, or generaly unagreeable female. And Ozay is Completely and totally lame Really, lame beyond all reason. Often used incorrectly as just something mildly lame. Well if the cap fits. Is that the best they could do? Not Banksy is it.

Onwards then to the path through the woods.

The trees are bursting with white blossom buds, lovely to see spring coming.


Still ice in the puddles


And ice bubbles


And then what delights do we see?















This is the world we live in, with people who are selfish and careless and have no respect for this planet or other people on it.

Apart from all that (rant over 🙂 ) I took some other pictures:-

Frankenstein’s charger


Path to the colliery



I couldn’t get in to Wardley Colliery as they’ve mended the fence but somehow a Warburtons lorry container and 2 horses have managed to get in!



Keep Out!


Witches knickers everywhere


At the end of the path I decided to walk home by the road and came across Woodbine House, 1833 which in old times was a post office, then a British Legion club.



On up the road..


The Tropics of Parkland Court


go this way


birds in my Happy Eater Tree


and waiting for me to get home..








12 thoughts on “Day 50~366. A rant!

  1. Well now that was quite a walk.. A spookie kinda start I might add;), and tell me.. Your getting blooms on trees? How lucky !! I love the reflections in the puddles. Loved that building(the old p.o). And your birdies, and of course the shadow waiting at the door;) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ really so cute Fraggy.
    I’m back in hibernation, showing old stuff. Too much snow and cold to go out. Thanks for sharing .have a good week end,Hi to Phil

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  2. We cannot have nice things or nice pets for that people… It seems the only way to live in peace is to forbid.
    Fortunately among the people that goes to parks are nice persons like you that share their beauty. : )

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  3. I enjoyed my guided trip with you fragg…the rant was fun and the pictures were well worth viewing. (well most of ’em…I dunno about the beer cans, but I did like the toaster)
    and I was so happy that your cat was waiting for us all at the end.

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  4. One of the privileges of getting older is the right to be grumpy about the world!

    Totally agree with you about the dog poo, it really annoys me. Though it’s a hell of a lot better than it used to be – playing football as a kid in our local park was just a massive dog poo dodging obstacle course.

    And while there is some fantastic art in the form of urban graffiti, it does seem that the vast majority is pure self-obsessed or vulgar nonsense (mind you the ancient Romans and Greek were at it too!).

    Also agree about the dumping of rubbish outside of designated areas, but it did provide you with some great pics. Swings and roundabouts I suppose!!!

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  5. First, I have to say this is my favorite picture I’ve seen of your cat. I love it! It’s so sad to see all that trash! I live in a pretty urban part of the city, though it doesn’t have that big city feel.I live on a busy corner, and I find so much trash in my yard. Ever since we have gotten the new pup, she finds a chewed up piece of gum in my yard every day!! Seriously!?!? Why do people think it’s ok to spit out their chewed up gum in my yard. Anyway, I don’t think I’ll ever get this mentality where people don’t care at all about trashing our world. Glad you found some nice scenes in between. 😉

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