Day 46~366

Managed 2 shots while out and about at work. This morning I was in the wild lands Darlington County, seeing people in little villages with miles of surrounding countryside, so a nice drive, though snowy in parts.

Firstly, had to be done, I do love the photogenic qualities of wind turbines.


and later further down the road I got the snowy landscape, but boring sky, and I don’t do replacements!



  1. I like the movement in the road… mesmerizing. : )

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    1. It was very slippy slidey!

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      1. Lucky me for see just the happy end in your photograph. ^.^ Thanks for the effort you share with your readers.

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  2. Love the snowy landscape. In my opinion, the photo leaves enough space to crop out most of the sky and focus at the tracks on the street. Fab shot, Fraggy. I really like that one. And finally you got the snow!

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    1. just for a day 🙂

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  3. So….are you enjoying b&w now? I am enjoying your results – I think you have a skill here.

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    1. Well some of it I am, especially architecture and the cat! 😀 I can’t see me turning spring when it comes into B&W, but will definitely use it more in other stuff. Thanks Naomi. 🙂


  4. Still no sign of snow down here on the sunny south coast, much to my disappointment. I think I’m one of the few adults that loves heavy snow. Well, at least for the first few days, before it turns to mucky slush. Nice shots.

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    1. I miss the old 3 months of snow we had as a kid in Yorkshire!


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