Day 44~366 Beamish Museum report .

Beamish Museum is a living history museum and there is so much to see and do there. The vision of one man Dr.Frank Atkinson, it illustrates the way of life of “ordinary people” and brings the region’s history alive. It was raining, sleeting, and snowing on and off, but Sophie and I were determined to go out with our camera’s for the day, and at Beamish, the weather doesn’t matter as there’s plenty of indoor stuff to see.

There’s a lot of shots but am putting them in galleries so you can click on the 1st one and scroll through if you want to see them embiggened.

We started out in the 1820’s visiting Pockerley Waggonway and got a ride on Puffing Billy

After our ride, we walked up to Pockerley Old Hall which replicates how tenant farmers would live.

Then we caught a tram (<3 trams!) to 1900’s town and first visited the railway station where we were allowed into the signal box.

Then back up to 1900 Town, and first we had lunch in the Tearooms, lovely Vegetable broth with rustic bread.

Then we visited some of the shops, as it was raining.

Then it was time to go home. Still loads more to go back and visit, there’s a pit village, a farm, &  a colliery we didn’t get round to, and they are now building a 1950’s Town and upland farm, Georgian coaching inn and more.  It is a great place for a day out, all the staff are dressed in period costumes, and they are all really friendly and knowledgeable so we learned a lot on our way round. How to pick one for the daily shot??

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