Day 43~366 South Shields in the Sun

This morning the sun was out again, and as I had to go and pay some work cheques into the bank, I also decided to visit the junk market, and Phil came along with me. I’ve taken quite a few shots, and found it hard to choose one for the project. Think I’ll go with the ducks.

The Market


This structure with the mirrored ceiling is new, South Shields is undergoing redevelopment at the moment and things are changing.

Had to be done ๐Ÿ™‚



The second thing we noticed was a huge new building going up, and assumed it to be a shopping centre.



Have since googled it and it’s not, it’s called ‘The Word’ and according to South Shields Council website…The Word has been revealed as the name of the new library and digital media centre which will be the jewel in the crown of the ยฃ100 million regeneration of South Shields town centre. ย Have to say the locals are less than impressed.

More shots of the market..


and some people


I was caught in the act!


Some funny ducks


Phil was very excited to revisit his boyhood reading material



After the market we went to lunch.. a valentine Pork Pie ๐Ÿ˜€


and I took some street shots



I asked the lady what kind of dogs these were and to take a picture, they are Akita’s, there are Japanese Akita Inu’s which don’t have black masks, these two are American Akita’s so have the black masks. Apparently they areย docile, intelligent, courageous and fearless. A bit like me then ๐Ÿ˜€

Walking back to the car I noticed this building in King Street, don’t know how I’d never looked at it before, lovely ornate carvings.



It was originally The Empire Theatre and opened with a variety show on Monday 13th February 1899 so tomorrow will be its 117th birthday. In the 30’s it became a cinema, then a Odeon, then a bingo hall, but all that stopped in the 70’s when it became a place for retail outlets. It’s not in use as anything now sadly, there’s an estate agent sign up on it. The facade though is grade 2 listed, so has to be kept.


Love the wavy rooftops of these shops


Road protector


The gas storage unit is not in use, but has become a bit of an iconic landmark for the locals. This time last year it was earmarked for demolition, but it’s still standing for now.


and it’s a good perch for the seagulls and pigeons



Sometimes there just is no explanation for the sights you see..




The carpark is opposite the backs of some shops, think they’ve had past troubles



and that’s the end of my tour. Changed my mind about the ducks, bird on the gasometer won out ๐Ÿ™‚







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