Day 42~366

I had such a sunny day off today, and I made the most of it with my camera. First thing this morning I had to take my car to the garage for it’s M.O.T and a service.  I walked  home, and took some shots down the alley that leads home.

My car passed straight through, as it has for 15 years, Happy MOT day Car ❤


Me and my shadow


The sun was low in the sky so I tried some flare shots through the branches


This is the fence that runs between the alley and the housing estate at the bottom,


It was still sunny this afternoon and as the sun sank low I went for a walk down to the disused railway line, as I knew there’d be some backlit teasles, as it happened, there wasn’t, but I got some other shots. 🙂

Last of the roses in the neighbours garden


Me and my shadow revisited, I’m taller and skinnier in the afternoon 🙂


Spring is on the way





Looking through at the metro line


There’s marsh land around the railway line, and a lone tree in one place, it’s going to be my subject for one of the months later on.


and though I didn’t get the teezles, I did get some backlit dead plants, so this is my shot of the day.



and because I’m now having serious colour withdrawal symptoms, I’m posting 3!




aaahhhh, thats my fix 🙂






22 thoughts on “Day 42~366

    1. Thanks Reinhold. Of course you are right, but I have my hidden agenda in which I completely immerse myself in the theme of the month, so my thought processes are honed in to that alone, I found it quite easy with still life’s, but black and white is a different beast, and so challenging. It hurts my soul sometimes to take the colour away. But I am learning, and discovering, and thinking in a different mind set, and that can only be good. I think. 😃

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      1. I think you are right. And sometimes things that you do not like the most are those you do best. In my opinion you already created some gems. I am sure you will find a nice balance between color and B&W. Enjoy your monochrome months. I will. Smiles. Reinhold

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  1. I’ve outgrown my Canon Rebel and would like to upgrade. I was thinking Nikon but not sure what would serve me best. Any suggestions? My main subjects are travel photos, and niece and nephew photos, which usually require quite different lenses. I’m not super knowledgeable but do enjoy playing around with my camera – I don’t do a lot of editing.

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    1. I would say forget Canon and Nikon, go with a mirrorless system like a Sony or Fuji or Olympus, of course it depends on your budget. Also they tend to be lighter and when you have a bad back you don’t want something heavy around your neck! I would go with a fuji XT-10 with a 18-55 zoom lens which is great for both travel and portraits. With all camera’s, it’s the lens that is most important, and fuji lenses are well thought of across the industry. I have an XT-1 which I sold all my nikon gear to buy, and I have not regretted that one jot!


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