Day 40~366

It’s been a long day, lots of driving to far flung places, I had an early start and late finish so took my camera with me.  I had a 3/4 hour to spare when I got to Berwick-On-Tweed just below Scotland, so thought I’d nip down to the River Tweed and get a shot, but the traffic was a nightmare and I ended up going the wrong way and then ended up driving up this tiny hill where I came across this funny little building.  I thought it would be a good one for my daily shot, as I was running out of time. It turns out it is a renovated Victorian Ladies loo, and is now a cafe and ice cream parlour, named The Loovre! One day I’ll post the colour version as it’s really pretty.   I processed this with it’s Victorian theme in my mind, and here it is.


5 thoughts on “Day 40~366

  1. Our first stop after returning from disappointing Scotland in 2014. We were so happy to be back in England after 5 weeks of gray, green and wet weather. We stopped at an Indian restaurant and had a fantastic dinner. Lots of memories and emotions associated with this town. Great shot, Fraggy.

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