Day 36~366

This afternoon I went down to Little Haven Beach at South Shields, to photograph The Weebles, which I’ve shot a few times, but never in B&W, I thought their texture would  show well in mono.  It was a cold and windy day today with a moody sky which helps.

So this is the shot I’ve chosen for Day 36,


I originally chose this shot below, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted the firewood shot, and then Mary commented and that decided it!




More shots of Weebles






I had a wander down to the sea and took some pictures of stuff on the beach, and waves and boats, so here are a few of those







Am beginning to get a feel for B&W I think, and nearly liking it! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Day 36~366

  1. Oh my Fraggy what spectacular images & so perfect in B & W. I REALLY love the one of the twigs/firewood stacked & ready to light – you should have it framed. I keep scrolling back & having another look. Love it! Really, it is seriously good ♥

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  2. Fabulous series, Fraggy. I think the first one is really a great shot… but the second one is out of this world. It is so unique, it could be people from outer space dancing in the sun-/moonlight. And you could submit the sport shoe and Coke shot as an awesome response to the WPC “Time” this week.

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  3. wow.. i really thought i commented??? im so confused…
    i love this Fraggy and i love your new signage… 🙂 whe we come visit i want you to take me to this place,
    you and MarySmyth and done such a beautiful job in your B&W im am going to do some, of course they can never look as awesome as yours, but im gonna give it a go 🙂
    thanks for all your encouragement Fraggy
    wish i had some weebles to go shoot:)

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