Day 33~366

B&W is much harder to do than colour I think, and I kinda knew it would be. Spending much more time in the virtual dark room, and so it’s making me late with the post, as always have to get work done first. Ā I applied the fuji monochrome profile in LR and then did things to it in PSCC. Ā  Anyway, here’s todays offering. A bit strange, but I like it.


9 thoughts on “Day 33~366

  1. It almost looks like a painting. All these variations of light, the textures and the gray scales. I think the monochrome profile in LR is similar to in camera film simulation. The real thing is only created if you shoot JPG and use in-camera film simulation… that’s what the pro’s say! I read about it. May be you give it a try (if you want) in this month series. Would be interesting to hear your opinion on this one. Now if this is the start of this series I think we can expect fab shots this month. Take care and enjoy the making of your B&W series, Fraggy.

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