Day 31~366

Well that’s January over, and the end of the still life section of the 366, though I guess there may be some in amongst the other themes. I have really enjoyed this month, looking back at the beginning the first few shots were not very interesting, and not that well composed either. After day 5 I seemed to make a leap forward when I started trying to tell a story with the items I was choosing, and then also found out to do the simplest of shots like the flowers in the vases on a windowsill. I feel my composition skills have improved and hope that will help the rest of the project & my photography in general.

Tomorrow begins the black & white theme.  A little bit of trepidation as I love colour best, so now to focus on shapes and textures and contrasts!





  1. Congrats and good luck with the new theme.

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    1. Fingers x’t! Cheers 🙂


  2. This last is a nice one to end with! Looking forward to the B&W.

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    1. Cheers, as always am floundering at the start!


  3. One month victorious! I know your black and white series is going to be quite amazing. =)

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      1. I know, for that I don’t dare to do it. :S

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        1. I think you take a picture every day, but surreptitiously. 😊 no song and dance about it.

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          1. That’s the easy part, the problem is time to edit it…

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