Day 25~366

Lilies & roses, my favourite flowers. Can”t often have lilies as they are poisonous to cats, but as they’re being kept in the fr-fr-fr freezing conservatory Skye and the lilies are safe from each other.  I thought lilies was spelt with a double L but apparently not, doesn’t look right with only one. Never mind, it sounds the same. 😀 I like the generic name, Lilium. Anyway, here are some. Have a great week everyone 🙂




  1. I adore lilies as well. Thanks for sharing. You have such a talent to brighten up our days.

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    1. thanks Jay, hope you are feeling better.


  2. I love the light of your photographs indoors.

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    1. Thanks Francis, I do my shots in our conservatory, and it has an opaque white roof that defuses the sunlight. pah! I mean cloud light!

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  3. Lovely. Always wanted a conservatory, but from your posts they sound pretty unwelcoming in winter!

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    1. yes, cold! We are thinking of having it re-roofed and a radiator installed so we can use it all year round, but have to wait for the pension fund to arrive before that happens!


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