Day 24~366 & Liddy

We had our little Liddy for a sleepover last night, first time with her. It didn’t go quite to plan, and we didn’t get much sleep, but we all survived and I got some smiley faces from her to photograph this morning 🙂 She is the spitting image of her brother Cal, who regular readers have seen on this blog many times. First though, my 24th still life shot..



and the beautiful Liddy..



20 thoughts on “Day 24~366 & Liddy

  1. As your month of still lives winds to a close, I see some great steps in concept and composition. Little things working together to harmonize. Nicely done project!

    And Liddy is absolutely adorable!

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      1. B&W will be fun – set up some of your still lives and do them on the mono setting on the camera. It’s always astonishing to see what you don’t see…I have such a problem with tones and their similarities. I like to guess what the image will look like before I take it, and see if I am right. Good way to learn . . .still am.

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