Day 13~366

I went into Waitrose supermarket in Ponteland yesterday, ostensibly to use their customer litter tray facilities, but they didn’t have one can you believe that! I mean, Waitrose & Ponteland is the fiefdom of poshish right-wing middle aged-elderly gentlefolk and we all know what happens to bladders once you reach a certain age. Anyhow they had these gorgeous bouquets of lily’s with off white roses, which were quite irresistible and cost more than they would have done in ASDA (Walmarts to my USA buddy’s) which is where us common lefty middle aged-elderly gnarlyfolk do our shopping. We’re not silly, theres 4 loo’s in Asda!

Here’s the flowers





  1. Lovely mood, tones, composition… wow day 13 is going to be one of my favourite day of your project : )

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    1. Thanks Francis 😊

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  2. melissajane14

    Great! Now I know where to shop when I visit the UK πŸ™‚
    White roses are my favorite!
    New watermark?

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    1. Haha not if you’re on a travel budget, but definitely if you are visiting 1st class! I blow hot & cold on watermarks, had one a long time then gave up,but fancied one for the 366 so started it 6 days ago. Must go back and add it to the first shots at some point. Cheers Melissa πŸ™‚

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  3. Absolutely stunning! I love how soft and ethereal this image looks.

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    1. Thanks, am trying to use different looks each day but have a ‘connected’ month of stills.


      1. Keep it up! They definitely read as a series, and I have to admit, I love the overall look and tone of this set!

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