Day 11~366

Back to work and a bit of blue sky today though mainly fog! I am going with more simple compositions when doing morning-before-work photography. Might be hard pushed tomorrow though as I’ve got an early start before any decent light appears. May have to be a night time shot!



21 thoughts on “Day 11~366

  1. These flowers look wistful as you’ve composed them. They look like they’re waiting for a loved one to get home from a longish trip.
    This project is such an undertaking, and every shot so beautiful. I peak in every day but am not yet up to writing much.

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    1. Aw Jay, that’s OK, I don’t expect anyone to be able to comment on every daily shot, a pop in now and again is lovely for me. I’m glad to add a bit of beauty to every horrid day you are going through, I do hope you have as speedy a recovery as is possible xx


    1. Ok then will have to admit to some jiggery pokery with this shot. It was a dark grey morning as usual so I put the flowers in a white vase by the window and shot it, then processed the hell out of it to get the soft morning light effect, you’d laugh if you saw the original!


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