Day 10~366

We are still in Modor, and although the rain keeps on coming, we have had mild temperatures, so things are going a bit wrong in nature. I looked out of my bedroom window and noticed a little pink spot on my Happy Eater Blossom tree. Couldn’t believe it at first as it doesn’t usually flower until the middle of April, but it has got itself confused and this one little blossom has popped out a bit early.


Hopefully it will sort itself out if the temperature drops to where it should be. But look at that sky! YUCK! Anyway that isn’t the daily photo of course, as I’m still in still life mode, so here is today’s offering.


4 thoughts on “Day 10~366

  1. Are you writing a story?
    I like how this photo draws focus to the green of the flower. I think that’s quite a metaphor. It takes a whole lot of healthy green leaves to make a pretty pink bud, but all of the focus is drawn to the flower.
    Nowadays, everyone wants to be a flower.

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  2. Haha no not writing a story, just needed something to pop in that corner and that’s what came to mind. The leaves are actually from a eucalyptus tree I have in my front garden, I like how they curve and drape themselves and they go really well with roses. Cheers Melissa šŸ˜Š


  3. Beautiful! Ahh…the eucalyptus tree…native to Australia! Perhaps the reason I am particularly drawn to this still life! šŸ‘šŸ‘

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