Day 3~366

I’m having a busy Sunday. Phil is at work til 9pm so I’ve been up and at’em. I was at the supermarket by 10am, finished off my expenses form, sorted work out for tomorrow, painted another backdrop for my photography, played with Skye and the laser light, and done my photo for the day. Just the Christmas decorations to take down now, and make some soup for my dinner. I’ll put my feet up and watch a movie after that I think!

day 3w




10 thoughts on “Day 3~366

  1. You do like the whites and off-whites, don’t you?
    You said that you thought this one was better than day 4, but I don’t agree. Because of all the light neutral colors, my eye is immediately drawn to the tea tag, and then the plant. But then the rest of the photo is dominated by the wall, which isn’t very interesting.
    I understand why your studio has these colors, especially at this time of year. White reflects light and makes everything appear to be brighter, which is great for a breakfast room, but not so much for a still life.
    I like the top photo on day four because my eye is immediately drawn to the sunny colors of the flowers and the juice. It shows me that you’re trying to inject some sun into your day, and considering your limits with the weather, I can understand why :).
    Smiles from sunny (but freezing) Missouri!


    1. Aw lol I love that wall! Its a piece of plywood I painted to make a background, all these are taken on home made ‘walls’ & ‘tables’. But each to his own, which is good. Luckily I have another breakfast shot today with more happy colours. Sunny & freezing, gotta be better than Mordor which is where I appear to live now!


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