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17 comments on “Day 2~366

  1. Travel and adventure sounds great. We are running into one since 2 days. 😉 Adventure I mean.

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    1. You’re on holiday now? Looks nice but am not sure where that is.

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      1. No, we are running this holiday apartment since 2 days. Another little project for 2016. It’s just on the other side of our house. We are very excited and are working on an English/German homepage and an entry in and Airbnb. Sorry to confuse you with a German booking site. Smiles. Reinhold

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  2. Happy New Year, fraggle!

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  3. Francis.R. says:

    I like the mood of the composition, there is a story in an exotic place 🙂

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  4. -N- says:

    Nice job, here. Calm, soothing. Coffee (need cream) and, is that a cigar??? If so, you are a girl outta my own heart – nothing like whisky and a cigar in the evening!

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    1. haha it’s a cup of tea & a chocolate biscuit 🙂

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      1. -N- says:

        Still as good, just a bit different, eh? (PS I think it is so interesting to see how our own perceptions are so different than the reality in front of us!)

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        1. Yes, we can never trust our eyes!


  5. melissajane14 says:

    It’s interesting that a collection of seashells and a cup of coffee is your inspiration for travel. And my filthy mind gets a bit curious about the phallic-looking cigar in the corner of the photo 🙂
    This photo certainly says a lot about your idea of a holiday, and the idyllic escape from the cold, rainy weather you’re experiencing.
    I know that it’s a still life, but it feels really two-dimensional. The one below, however, really projects your sense of being trapped by the elements. Well done!

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    1. 😃 it’s a chocolate biscuit not a cigar! I’ll never use one of those again! Cheers for the feed back, hopefully I’ll get better as I practice more! 😊

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      1. melissajane14 says:

        I know that you’ll improve. I just wish that I could offer you some advice on how to improve this photo. Perhaps if it had a different-colored background. A nice blue might accentuate the white shells and add to the ‘holiday by the sea’ theme.

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        1. Will take that on board. Check out day 3 which I think is a better shot, but skip day 4 as it isn’t. 🙂

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  6. steviegill says:

    Nice series of still lives you have going here.

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    1. Thanks Stevie, stretching my imagination a bit!


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